Meeker Elementary PTA 5.7.30

Approved 2016-2017 Mission and Goals

Meeker PTA Mission

Meeker Elementary PTA will partner with families and teachers to help every child reach their full potential.

Meeker PTA Goals

Increase leadership of and participation in PTA programs and events among Meeker staff and families.

  • Collectively enforce a policy of sustainability, whereby Meeker PTA board members are allowed to chair no more than one event or program in addition to their board role. If, despite consistent and multiple recruitment efforts, a  capable chairperson for a Meeker PTA program or event cannot be found, the program or event in question will be cancelled.
  • Maintain/Increase the WatchDOGS program with Chairpersons and open communication with school administration.
  • Have at least one staff member present at all PTA-sponsored events.

Increase recognition of our Local PTA, its programs and its volunteers.

  • Every month, recognize PTA volunteers using handwritten thank you notes, names on the electronic reader board, recognition in the newsletter, call-outs on Facebook, and the “Volunteer of the Month” program.
  • Seek out publicity in the community newspaper, school district publications or local news outlets for a minimum of two PTA-sponsored programs.
  • As a Local PTA, apply for at least three Washington State PTA awards.

Support the school’s education efforts.

  • Supplement school resources through classroom supply reimbursements and library support.
  • Provide at least one parent education program.
  • Enable learning opportunities for our students through a minimum of three separate enrichment programs either inside or outside the classroom.

Demonstrate our PTA’s commitment to a strong membership.

  • Achieve 100% membership for the fifth consecutive year.
  • Achieve 100% staff membership for the fifth consecutive year.

Increase frequency and reach of PTA communications.

  • Communicate with members at least once per month via EACH of the following communication vehicles: the electronic reader board, the sandwich board, the School Messenger system, the PTA newsletter, the school district webpage, the PTA website and Facebook.
  • Increase the average number of unique visitors per day from 25 to 40.


Last updated June 2016