Congratulations to the following classrooms for achieving 100% membership!


Mrs. Field, Mr. Couch, Ms. Fautenberry, Mr. Kreuger, Mrs. Loucks, Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Medina & Ms. Rasmussen!

Only 63 more members needed...

The rest of the school is not far behind as we reach for our goal for the fifth consecutive year in a row!

What does it mean to have 100% membership? To have one PTA member equal to the number of students enrolled at Meeker Elementary. Most Meeker PTA members are associated with a student, whether it be themselves, parents or other family members.


Here are the class standings as of 2/13/17:


    Mrs. Wolff (needs 1 members) Goal:7

  • Mrs. Beck (needs 3 members) Goal: 19
  • Mrs. Power (needs 6 members) Goal:21
  • Mrs. Salisbury (needs 6 members) Goal:27
  • Mrs. Whittingslow (needs 6 members) Goal:12
  • Mrs. Apostle (needs 7 members) Goal:26
  • Mrs. Casello (needs 8 members) Goal:26
  • Mrs. Kindle (needs 8 members) Goal:17
  • Mrs. Potis (needs 9 members) Goal:27
  • Ms. Gonderman (needs 9 members) Goal:27
  • Mr. Keen (needs 15 members) Goal:25