In order to create a sustainable association that is not dependent on one person or core group of volunteers to maintain its operations, the 2015-2016 Meeker PTA Board of Directors voted unanimously at its Board of Directors meeting to adopt a "sustainability initiative" for this school year. It reads:

Meeker PTA board members are allowed to chair no more than one event or program in addition to their board role. If, despite consistent and multiple recruitment efforts, a capable chairperson for a Meeker PTA program or event cannot be found, the program or event in question will be cancelled.

The need for this initiative has grown out of an increasing amount of well-received and well-attended programs and events being organized and manned by a decreasing amount of volunteers. Because the board is passionate about leaving Meeker and its PTA in a strong and sustainable position, we have agreed to this proactive, yet difficult, solution to ensure our volunteer base and our programming are balanced.